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Boomer Banks

Boomer Banks
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Sonic Boom

Brace yourself! You're in for a shock wave of pleasure when you try Boomer's custom FleshJack sleeve. It's designed to make orgasm faster than the speed of sound. His exclusive texture is more intense than almost anything you’ve ever experienced.

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Insertable Length:


Boomer Banks

Hecho en México

The word "perfection" might be overused, but when describing Boomer Banks, perfection is almost too simple. From a perfect rippled body, stimulating moves in his porn shoots, and a drive to make the world more accepting, Banks is the dream. The mere presence of Boomer Banks brings sex to the surface. He's not only a gorgeous figure in his own right, but he also designs clothes with a hot, sexy appeal. He's the co-owner and a designer at BCALLA, which creates designs worn by celebrities and people from all walks of life. He's also one of the stars of cutting-edge gay porn productions at CockyBoys in NYC.

Boomer Banks adorns his body with tattoos that wear on him like a mural. His body is an artistic and physical work of art. His cock measures at nine inches, and while in interviews he humbly denies his Fleshjack dildo is his exact length, one look at his uncut sword and it's obvious he's overly humble. He's every bit the skin his Fleshjack model shaft represents. When you feel it first slip deep inside you, your breath with be taken.

This porn legend originally from Mexico models his own BCALLA clothing on the runway, and he is a strong advocate for the LGBTQ community. In a Huffington Post interview, Boomer Banks discussed the idea of embracing yourself. "We watch television, and we are told certain things. We’re told by our parents that certain things are right or wrong. We grow up a certain way and don’t allow ourselves to be our own people. We are living in a time where we are being attacked by outside sources. Now more than ever, we need to be united."

In his porn movies, he's open to any sexual positions, but topping is a personal favorite. His films are varied, showing off passionate gay coupled sex and wild threesomes. You can even find video footage of Boomer graciously teaching young (or inexperienced) men how to put on a condom. Out of a sense of responsibility toward fans of his porn, he says, "As adults who choose to do bareback porn, that’s what they choose to put out. The ones that do choose to do bareback porn are very responsible and respectful of what message they put out there. For the most part, they own it. For me, my thing is condom porn as my brand. Safe sex is sexy."

But it's his love of design and working with people that drives him. Boomer is a head designer at BANKKS, which creates queer, gender-fluid clothing. In a TimeOut NYC interview, he says porn is a way of branding himself. "I am a designer, and it’s my passion and my art, and nothing will compare to that. I thought this was a good way to brand myself. Everybody watches porn whether you want to admit it or not."

It's that confidence and sexual command that will make you want to unite with every piece of Boomer Banks. His Fleshjack sex toys collection will help you fulfill your desire to have sex with Boomer Banks.

Get Blown Away by Boomer's Fleshjack Sonic Boom

Imagine you've had a conversation with Boomer over a beer, and you're so hard it's uncomfortable sitting still. You're aroused at being so close to his aura and intelligence, and then he reaches those strong hands toward you to bring you to new heights of ecstasy. The fantasy starts there, but if you're not careful, it will end too quickly. The Boomer Banks Fleshjack Sonic Boom sleeve is divine. Upon entering Boomer's Sonic Boom, with 8.5 inches to slide through, you'll feel a swirl sensation immediately tease and lick at your tip. Enough to sonic boom you right off! But relax; a little deeper and your skin will be engulfed by tight yet tender strokes of sheer euphoria.

Add some extra slickness with Fleshjack Lubricant, easing your way as you thrust into the Sonic Boom. Imagine that hard muscled tattooed man giving himself over to you and try not to finish too soon.

Boomer Banks Takes His Turn

He's famous in his porn shoots as taking the top. It's his preferred position. Be warned...this isn't your average dildo. If you've seen his movies or even his nude photos, you know Boomer isn't your average man in any way, and you can have all of that pleasure for your very own.

The Fleshjack dildo brings every inch of Banks into you. The dildo is made with the highest-quality platinum-cured silicone for durability and a truly lifelike feel. As Banks is famously uncut, you'll feel every bit of him. Once his tip has entered, you'll feel the push of his foreskin against you. It will take some coaxing, a little more push, and you'll know the feeling experienced by every porn star Boomer has dominated. This Boomer Banks sex toy could make history for its realistic size, girth, foreskin and depth.

The dildo's maximum entry length is 7.25 inches. That's enough to beg yourself for mercy...or want it so much you miss out on sleep.

Fleshjack Packages for Your Pleasure

The Boomer Banks sex toy can be combined with other Fleshjack combos, creating a fuller experience. The Get Cocky Pack features three sizes of dildos including the Boomer Banks 9-inch -- the other two options measure seven and six inches. This pack is perfect for size variations throughout your week or when Boomer is just a little too much.

The Boomer Banks Sonic Boom and Dildo Package is perfect for the man who wants to experience all Boomer has to offer in one click. This package includes the dildo, the Sonic Boom Fleshjack sleeve, a powder blue case, an 8-ounce water lube and instructions for use.

If steamy sexuality and brute manliness -- combined with a heart that wants everyone included -- get your blood racing, this is the Fleshjack model of your dreams.

  • Birthday Created with sketchtool.
    Birthday June 13th
  • Zodiac Created with sketchtool.
    Zodiac Sign Gémini (slippery when wet)
  • Height Created with sketchtool.
    Height 5'11"
  • Liquid error (templates/product.boys line 373): Could not find asset snippets/icon-girls-scale.liquid
    Weight 185 lbs
  • Eye Created with sketchtool.
    Eye Color Dark Brown
  • Length
    Penis Length 9"
  • Girth
    Penis Girth 6.5"
  • Position
    Position Versatile
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